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I posted these a while ago on Twitter, but I think they deserve a repost. During my training year, I saw lesson plans as a hurdle to jump before teaching a lesson, but over the course of this year I’ve come to appreciate the value of an in-depth lesson plan. I put together a new proforma for our department earlier in the year, and it helps me form my thoughts when approaching a new subject cold.

Having a copy of my Bloom’s Taxonomy diagram by the side of the computer also helps to stagger exercises to start with building understanding before moving on to more involved skills such as analysis or evaluation. Because Bloom’s can seem a little inaccessible at first, I also put ICT-based examples for each tier. Hope someone finds them useful.

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  • Thanks for the resources, it seems very useful, have you set up a mail merge in your lesson planning document?

  • Thank you!!!!!!!!!!
    Blooms has been getting me in circles as the “regular” ones aren’t really helpful for ICT! Have saved me hours! 🙂

  • The Bloom’s Taxonony levels with ICT examples is brilliant. Thankyou! This will really help me for the Specialist Subject Module (I am training on a PGCE in Lifelong Learning for ICT).

    The lesson plan is also very useful too.

    Thankyou so much for creating these and making them available. It is very much appreciated.

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