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The requests for ICT level descriptors in pupil speak continue to pile up on the TES forums, so I thought I’d make mine available for download. Personally, I think they make a lot of sense, and cover the array of ICT skills we ought to be covering in high schools very well, but at first glance seem inaccessible, particularly for assessing pupil progress.

I generally have my level descriptors handy when setting a project (or even planning a lesson in which we’ll be doing summative assessment – almost weekly) and note down the ones under focus for that activity. I then use these as my marking criteria.

For example, for a year 7 presentation task, I’d use the following:

Level 4

  • You can combine and refine information from different sources.
  • You understand the need for care in framing questions when finding information.
  • You can use ICT to present information in different ways.
  • You are aware of your target audience, and tailor your work to fit their needs.
  • You understand the need for quality in your presentations.

Level 5

  • You select information you need carefully, check its accuracy, and organise it appropriately.
  • You use ICT to structure, refine and present information in different forms and styles for your target audience.
  • You assess the use of ICT in your work, and reflect on it in order to make improvements in future work.

Actually having students engage with the descriptors and pull out any they think is relevant to a task can also make an interesting starter activity, provided it’s not over-used.

Anyhow, hope they help – here’s the download link: descriptors.pdf

These were used verbatim in my level descriptors posters, made available here.

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  • Hi James
    Really funny thing at local ICT teachers meeting
    A teacher, really nice bloke and very forward thinking, was raving about an OCRN resource and pulled up the Creative Commons work. I said what a coincidence I was going to bring up the same, after mentioning my contribution he passed the session over
    He loves you, you seem to be a bit of a guru down here
    and much deserved
    Are you planning on anything at the moment, would love to be involved again
    Have a good break, one week to go,


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