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In ITGS this month students were given a (very!) brief introduction to animation principles in Adobe After Effects, then tasked with creating a short “explainer” video for Creative Commons licensing. As usual, they didn’t disappoint, with some really spectacular pieces of work being submitted. Here are two particularly stellar examples:

This video took more of a promotional approach, “selling” the idea to a wide audience. Good use was made of original footage, filmed by the student, with really beautiful editing techniques to keep it flowing. Awesome.

This video couldn’t be much more different from the first, and yet I think it’s every bit as effective. No filmed footage at all, this time – just entirely original vector graphics used to construct a really beautiful animation that reminded me of Kurzgesagt.

It always amazes me how far students can run with an idea when introduced to the basics. One of the things I love about ITGS is how students are given just enough x to achieve y if they want to. Super proud of them!

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