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ICT as the Muses’ birdcage


In the 4th century BC the Ptolemies of Alexandria began throwing money at the arts. They did not make the same distinctions between fields of study as we do today, and housed scholars from all disciplines together in the "Muses' birdcage," blurring the lines between otherwise disparate disciplines. I think this should be the role of ICT in the modern curriculum.

A return to your (semi) regular programming…


In the second leg of my plan to come up for air after a manic few months, I’m hoping to kickstart the blog back into action, after my recent return to Twitter. I now have the time to focus on the things I’ve had to neglect for a few months, so here’s a brief taster of what’s incoming: A major update to the content of Some Rights Reserved is incoming over Easter, now...

Moral issues in ICT: handout resource


The social & moral implications of ICT are fascinating, yet I remember being taught about them when I was a student in a desperately dry, detached way. These handouts are designed to generate discussion - I'll be using them with my OCR Unit 8 groups, splitting in to groups of 3 for discussion, then opening the floor up to the class after they describe their scenario.

Freebies: OCR Nationals markbooks


I posted these on Twitter, but with some questions from @misterel that I foolishly didn’t explain when I put them up I thought it’d be worthwhile explaining how they work. Click images for larger versions. OCR Unit 1 markbook: [link] (Links removed 06/08/09 as new versions have been posted here) OCR Unit 23 markbook: [link] On the first sheet the only things you need to fill in are...

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