[WiP] Learning Objectives


Learning Objectives & Learning Outcomes

Learning outcomes are statements that:

  • Outline the knowledge/skills that a learner should have acquired by the end of a period of learning (one lesson, a series of lessons or a term, for example)
  • Help learners understand why the knowledge/skills covered will be useful to them
  • Help learners identify the passing requirements for a lesson/course/program

Put simply, a learning outcome will identify…

  • what the learner will know
  • what the learner will be able to do

… by the end of a lesson/course/program.

Introducing Bloom

Benjamin Bloom (1913-1999) developed a system for classification of educational objectives and made significant contributions to the theory of mastery learning.

He identified three domains of learning:

  1. Cognitive (mental skills)
  2. Affective (emotional changes)
  3. Psychomotor (manual skills)

These are often referred to as head, heart and hand.




Three Domains of Learning – Cognitive, Affective, Psychomotor

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