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Critical thinking in the curriculum


Critical thinking was once the purview of classicists & philosophers, but with those subjects still being squeezed out of schools that view them as elitist or irrelevant in the modern world, where does critical thinking fit?

What would your curriculum look like?


In September I moved to the beautiful island of St Helena in the South Atlantic. I recently started work on revamping the ICT curriculum, and am currently looking at a blank piece of paper surrounded by piles of reading material. What would you do?

Moving south. Way south.


I'm pretty sure the majority of people following this blog or my Twitter feed will know that I have a new job on the tiny island of St Helena in the south Atlantic. I've been employed as an Advisory Teacher of ICT, with responsibility for some curriculum development across the 11-18 secondary school and its feeder primaries, as well as doing my usual stuff in the classroom. [...]

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