Building a school media library with Google Apps for Education


If you’re anything like me, you like to use multimedia in the classroom. From tried & tested documentaries from the BBC, Discovery Channel, etc, to shorter clips and audio tracks, my students are well-supplied with a large range of supporting materials. Up until now, these have generally lived in one of three places: on a networked drive at the school, which allows me to keep control over...

TED tech quotes poster set


A high-resolution collection of posters ready to download, share & print - all for free. Using selected quotes from TED talks, the posters feature thought-provoking ideas and links for further info.

Resource: Database flashcards


A set of flashcards designed to cover all of the vocabulary for the databases unit of IGCSE and GCSE ICT courses. They would also be useful at A level & IB Diploma level.

Long-term learning: embracing the Cornell method


For as long as I’ve been teaching content that requires more than a handful of notes, I have encouraged my students to use the Cornell method for note taking. Copying by rote doesn't work beyond remembering things. For comprehension & understanding we need a different approach - one I think is encouraged by this method.

Designing a scheme of work


Aside from pontificating at the front of a classroom, hands down my favourite thing about teaching is developing schemes of work. I find there’s something extremely satisfying in developing a project that forms part of a larger whole, knowing its place within that whole, and knowing what else is needed in order to guarantee a good coverage of skills.

A return to your (semi) regular programming…


In the second leg of my plan to come up for air after a manic few months, I’m hoping to kickstart the blog back into action, after my recent return to Twitter. I now have the time to focus on the things I’ve had to neglect for a few months, so here’s a brief taster of what’s incoming: A major update to the content of Some Rights Reserved is incoming over Easter, now...

Moral issues in ICT: handout resource


The social & moral implications of ICT are fascinating, yet I remember being taught about them when I was a student in a desperately dry, detached way. These handouts are designed to generate discussion - I'll be using them with my OCR Unit 8 groups, splitting in to groups of 3 for discussion, then opening the floor up to the class after they describe their scenario.

ICT quotes posters


It’s freebie time again! Inspired by Will Lion‘s excellent “mind bites” series of desktop wallpapers, I started putting together a series of A3 size posters for my classroom wall. These posters include quotes, facts & figures relating to the impact of ICT on society so should make for good display fodder in computer suites. If there is no citation for images...

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