Re: We’re all cyborgs now


This talk brought together the quite a lot of the key ideas from a bunch of texts that I’ve called ‘big ideas in tech’ on the course I teach. I’ll go through them one by one here. Everyone is carrying a wormhole in their pocket This idea of bending time and space is what Peter Drucker termed mental geography in an article published in The Atlantic in 1999. In it, Drucker describes the...

Culture & me


One of the interesting things for me as a Yorkshireman who spends upwards of 90% of each year outside of England is that the culture I identify with varies on a kind of sliding scale. When I’m at home, with family or childhood friends, I’m not just a Yorkshireman – I’m from Batley. There are words that I would use in conversation with other people from Batley that someone from Dewsbury (3 miles...

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