Demystifying abstract terms


One of the problems with a subject like ICT is relating seemingly abstract terms. In a recent discussion about storage & computer memory, I found some of my Key Stage 3 students had little concept of the units of file size. After a little while we established that a kilobyte was bigger than a byte, a megabyte was bigger than a kilobyte, and a gigabyte was bigger than a megabyte, but that was...

Pupil speak level descriptors


The requests for ICT level descriptors in pupil speak continue to pile up on the TES forums, so I thought I'd make mine available for download. Personally, I think they make a lot of sense, and cover the array of ICT skills we ought to be covering in high schools very well, but at first glance seem inaccessible, particularly for assessing pupil progress.

Resources: lesson plan proforma & Bloom’s taxonomy for ICT


I posted these a while ago on Twitter, but I think they deserve a repost. During my training year, I saw lesson plans as a hurdle to jump before teaching a lesson, but over the course of this year I’ve come to appreciate the value of an in-depth lesson plan. I put together a new proforma for our department earlier in the year, and it helps me form my thoughts when approaching a new subject...

The paperless classroom


Last week, in all the excitement of being a brand new blog owner, I started having a look through my old waste books; a stunning variety of notebooks, few with anything interesting inside, even fewer anywhere near full... nothing at all like Lichtenberg's, despite having stolen the name from his wonderful pocket idea machine.

Freebies: OCR Nationals markbooks


I posted these on Twitter, but with some questions from @misterel that I foolishly didn’t explain when I put them up I thought it’d be worthwhile explaining how they work. Click images for larger versions. OCR Unit 1 markbook: [link] (Links removed 06/08/09 as new versions have been posted here) OCR Unit 23 markbook: [link] On the first sheet the only things you need to fill in are...

Well, I’ve done it now…


I suppose I’ve tried it two or three times since blogging became a craze a few years ago, but always with very little idea of why, and even less conviction to do a decent job of it. Recently, though, my involvement with Twitter has introduced me to a growing community of professionals interested in technology & education, and I’ve become acutely aware of how beneficial sharing...

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