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I posted these on Twitter, but with some questions from @misterel that I foolishly didn’t explain when I put them up I thought it’d be worthwhile explaining how they work. Click images for larger versions.

OCR Unit 1 markbook: [link] (Links removed 06/08/09 as new versions have been posted here)

OCR Unit 23 markbook: [link]

On the first sheet the only things you need to fill in are students’ names and forms – these are then referenced on each subsequent sheet.

From here you start marking work – say we start with AO1, you traffic light the bits the student has done by putting 1 for in-progress (yellow) or 2 for complete (green). Traffic lighting means Barry can very quickly see that he’s doing well, while Stanley needs to pull his socks up.

Once you’ve done, you move all the way to the right, and put a number from 1-4 in the penultimate column, 1 being below pass, 2 being pass, 3 being merit, 4 being distinction. The cell to the right of it has an IF statement that shows the grade for the assessment objective, and this is then fed into the front sheet.

I thought about using a lookup to count up the cells ticked to the left, but as much as writing that would be a minor pain in the arse (especially with kids missing a pass criteria but getting merit ones), I’ve found that when a student has completed all of the requirements for a distinction but their evidence is badly formatted, I don’t want them to see “distinction” for it until they’ve sorted it out.

This shows the front, overview sheet again, with the marks for AO1 updated.

Hope you find them useful – these things have massively cut down on the amount of time I spend marking, and the amount of lesson time I spend providing feedback. Kudos to Google 🙂

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