The paperless classroom


Last week, in all the excitement of being a brand new blog owner, I started having a look through my old waste books; a stunning variety of notebooks, few with anything interesting inside, even fewer anywhere near full... nothing at all like Lichtenberg's, despite having stolen the name from his wonderful pocket idea machine.

Freebies: OCR Nationals markbooks


I posted these on Twitter, but with some questions from @misterel that I foolishly didn’t explain when I put them up I thought it’d be worthwhile explaining how they work. Click images for larger versions. OCR Unit 1 markbook: [link] (Links removed 06/08/09 as new versions have been posted here) OCR Unit 23 markbook: [link] On the first sheet the only things you need to fill in are...

Licensing for education


I've been talking with @mwclarkson and @dagza about the out of touch way software companies are gouging schools for licensing fees (I studied at the Daily Mail school of impartiality, I did). The general feeling is that if our kids leave school competent in (for example) Photoshop, Fireworks & Dreamweaver, that surely has to be a big win for Adobe.

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